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Having grown up in a low income household, finding good products and deals has been an important part of my everyday life. Consumer Reports was a great help when making purchasing decisions, but with the advancement of the internet, sites like Amazon became dominant sources for sharing consumer opinions — especially for items Consumer Reports never even considered reviewing. Not that I blame them since there are millions of products on the market; no single source can cover them all.

I, myself, have been writing reviews on Amazon  — among other sites  — for over ten years. Achieving a TOP 500 REVIEWER rank, I have written more than 600 reviews with over 7,400 helpful votes. I love to write, and have even published several speculative fiction books.

Combining my passion for writing and love for testing and examining products, I have opened up the Consumer Outlook website. It is my pleasure to share my findings and knowledge of the products I come across, and it is my hope that they will prove to be helpful to you.

James D. Maxon

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