Northpoint Travel Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Grey ★★★★★

The Northpoint Travel pillow works great when sitting in a chair. As a 6’ man I have a fairly long neck, and the pillow is thick enough to provide decent support. The removable shell, made from 100% polyester, is soft to the touch and did not cause any irritation to my skin; in fact it’s rather comfortable. There is an elastic hoop at the back of the shell that can be used to hook around a headrest (such as a car seat) or used as a handle for carrying.

Shell unzipped

To clean, zip off the removable shell from the inner polyurethane foam fill material. Speaking from experience, you only want to wash the shell. I’ve washed memory foam pillows in the past and met with horrible results; it acts as a sponge that never dries out. To wash the removable shell, simply hand wash cold and hang or air dry. There are flammable materials so be cautious near sources of ignition.

Considering this was made in China, the quality is quite good. The stitching is solid and there were no visible defects. One reviewer on Amazon commented that this pillow is too big, which may be the case for some individuals. But my wife who is smaller than me at 5’ 7” did not have a problem. In fact, the pillow worked well for her when she was suffering from a migraine. She was able to sit up in a chair and relax her neck without having her head fall to the side. It proved to be quite effective at taking some of the pressure off.

Outside shell (left) removed from inner foam filler (right)

As for myself, I suffer from chronic neck pain. Just to test, I slept with the pillow for a night while lying in bed. Unfortunately, it didn’t work so well. I woke up several times with neck pain. I don’t fault the pillow for this as it clearly was designed for sitting up, not lying down. When at my office chair or relaxing reading a book in my recliner, the pillow works great. Firm enough to hold my head up but with enough give to form around the shape of my neck. This makes the Northpoint Travel pillow great for home use as well as for trips in an airplane, car or other vehicle. I’ve been using it for about a month and so far have nothing negative to say about it. From what I’ve seen it’s well worth a try.