Bon Venu® Wings of Angel Headphones Stereo Bass Surround Sound for Music Gamer Noise Isolating Comfy Cushion HI-FI Gaming Headset with Flexible Microphone Color Black ★★★★★

I’ve owned many gaming headsets throughout the years, having tested expensive models to budget ones. The pair I have been using up to this point is the SteelSeries Siberia 650, which retails for $199.99. But my motherboard has a flaw that shuts the computer off whenever any static electricity is picked up, so every time I touched the metal band of the Siberia 650 it triggered the issue. I paid too much for the stupid motherboard and it’s out of warrantee, so I’m not about to mess around with replacing it, yet. Because of this, I figured I’d give this budget Bon Venu headset a shot, and I’m glad I did.

Since it plugs into the audio and mic ports rather than a USB receiver (which the Siberia 650 does), and since there’s no exposed metal surface, I’ve had no issues of static feedback to the MB. One problem solved.

Unboxing of Bon Venu Wings of Angel
Now, is there a loss in quality from the Siberia 650 to the Bon Venu? Yes, there is, but surprisingly not as much as I expected. I was impressed with how well the Bon Venu sounded. Where it does falter a bit when it comes to more crisp audio reproduction, it does a great job with bass. Particularly punchy bass; the kind you’d get from explosions and music like Techno. You can also blast the volume beyond safe hearing levels without any distortion or rattling. This was much more than I expected from a budget gaming headset.

Open back earcups allows outside noises to pass through
Keep in mind that these are open back headphones, which means there is little noise cancelling. With them on your head (but no sound running through them) you can pretty much hear all the noises around you, and even those in the distance. This can be a good thing if you want to hear what’s going on, such as in an office or in a house where family needs to interrupt you (assuming you want them to). But it can be bad if you have noisy neighbors that you want to block out, or a spouse that vacuums right when you’re trying to sneak up on that annoying sniper in COD. That said, you can block out some noises just by having sound running through the headset; your ears will be more focused on what’s closest to them. The louder, the better, obviously.

Comfortable ear pads
The headset is very lightweight and comfortable on the head. There’s soft padding on the headband for extra support, and the padding on the ear cups are soft and unobtrusive. The height adjustments work well too, simply sliding up and down the wire shaft.

Extra padding on the headband for added support
The mic sits a couple inches away from your mouth, even when bent inward, which is a little unusual since most mics sit closer. Surprisingly it still picks up the voice chat audio fairly well. Better than the close-mouth mic I had on the Siberia 650. And it does a good job of prioritizing speech over background noises; there’s very little annoying white noise. Like many gaming headsets, the mic swivels up and out of the way should you not need it.

Microphone for in game chat
The one thing I’m not as fond of is the bulky mic and volume controls that sit 14” down the cord, which essentially rubs just below my chest. When not wearing a shirt, this can be a bit irritating / annoying. I much prefer having the controls on the ear piece, but that’s part of why this is a budget set. At the end of the day, this is a preference rather than a performance issue, so it’s not enough of a negative for me to lower my rating.

Bulky mic and volume controls are my one annoyance
While these are not wireless, they don’t suffer from the connection issues I’ve experienced with other headsets I’ve owned. Such as the Corsair Vengeance 2100, which had issues when I connected to GoToMeeting; I’d miss half of what people were saying at times (not professional when doing freelance work). This is why I’ve moved away from wireless and into the wired world for headsets, even if it does seem outdated. While there is a wire that can be annoying and in the way at times, the audio and chat signals do not stagger or suffer loss of quality. So for me, it’s a fair trade.

Overall, these headphones are comfortable, sound great and look good (IMHOP). They are a great value for the price, and I would highly recommend them to all my gaming buddies.

Headset matches my keyboard and mouse setup well
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