Little Giant Ladder Systems 15355-001 5′ Quick-N-Lite Fiberglass Stepladder ★★★★★

This ladder is very well designed. Solid and sturdy, yet doesn’t feel too heavy for the size. Having used various ladders as a professional window washer (and deck builder) I can say this is one of the best I’ve worked with. I would call it a crossover between a stepladder and a step stool. Traditional stepladders limit you from standing on the top rungs, whereas a step stool provides a stable platform that you can stand on at the top. Problem with step stools is that they are usually fairly low to the ground, so you end up needing a stepladder to reach things that are high up. That’s what makes the Little Giant so great; it combines the stability of a step stool with the height of a stepladder. The platform is nearly 34” off the ground, so I was easily able to reach a 9’ ceiling. Good for working on smoke alarms, lighting, ceiling fans and chandeliers. You can use it for reaching both ceiling and walls, which makes it a great painting ladder too. Because the platform is around 13” x 13” in diameter (larger than most step stools), it is comfortable to stand on for long periods and is very sturdy. The ladder didn’t wobble or slip in the slightest. On top of that, the non-slip rubber feet are also designed to prevent scratches on flooring, which makes for an excellent finishing ladder, as well as for building and maintaining.

Top can hold tools, hook paint cans, and store loose screws and nails

Unlike some stepladders, the Little Giant does not have a swiveling tool shelf. However, it makes up for this by providing a molded plastic top that contains holes for tools, hook brackets for paint cans and a bowl like indent for miscellaneous items like nails and screws. The center is also molded so that a can of paint or bucket is able to sit directly on top. As mentioned, you have the ability to hook the paint can to the edge from its handle too. I was able to hook a 20 LB pail of Quickrete to the side and it securely held in place. That and the weight of it didn’t tip the ladder in the slightest. It’s very well balanced.

Well balanced hook for buckets and paint cans

I like the unique handle on the platform, which you can use for carrying or simply gripping to more easily fold and unfold. The ladder slides into place smoothly and securely. The non-slip tread on the rungs helps prevent falls (especially in rain), but it isn’t jagged, so you can stand on it in bare feet should you wish too.

Handle on the platform makes it easy to fold and transport

Can’t say enough good things about this ladder. I wish I had it when installing my ceiling projector; would have made the job much easier. Overall, I find it a great crossover between the traditional stepladder and step stool. (In fact, I’d be tempted to label it a platform ladder.) Perfect for homeowners and professionals alike.

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Top view of ladder