Beware the Degoo Scam. Your data isn’t safe! Nor is your account!

If you’re like me, you’ve come across a lifetime deal for cloud backup that’s too good to pass up. In my case, I purchased the Degoo Premium: Lifetime 3TB Backup Plan from StackSocial in September of 2017. I was looking to backup files on my PC, and they offered an automated solution. Simply install their Degoo.exe client, open the GUI to set what files and folders to backup, and it monitors your system for new/updated files to automatically add to the cloud.

Or so, that’s how it was when I purchased it.

  • Degoo removed their PC/Windows APP without warning
  • Degoo deletes “lifetime” accounts without cause
  • Your backed up data is being looked at by Degoo
  • Your account login isn’t secure
  • Degoo doesn’t have an online support system, and fails to respond to emails

Degoo removed their PC/Windows APP

Degoo pulled an illegal bait-and-switch by removing the PC App and went solely mobile. Sure, you can log into their website and upload files manually on a PC through a web browser, but that’s not what I purchased. I don’t have time to waste by going through all my folders to figure out what’s new and then have to open a browser to upload everything one at a time. The saddest part is I found this out the hard way when the app/software wouldn’t open on my file server. A Degoo 1.0.3057 (32 bit) process would run, but it didn’t do anything and the GUI client controls were gone. There was no communication or warning to customers that this service was going away. It just stopped working.

As a former IT Administrator, I first thought the app became corrupted and needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled. But when I went to, I found the Windows version was completely removed.

Degoo ignores support questions

It gets better. I contacted Degoo asking about the Windows app, and they never responded. What happened instead? They sent me several confusing automated messages. The first:

Notice how it says “. . . you’re using 1.1 TB of your 100 GB!” And then tells me to upgrade my account. If you remember from above, I paid for a 3TB lifetime plan. Why does it say I only have 100GB? I wrote them a support ticket about this, but never heard back.

Four days later, I received another automated message, which said, “Detected copyright infringement.”

I have quite a bit to say about this:

1) Notice how it says “Reminder” at the top. Yet, this is my first time getting the message. They never sent me anything about this before now.

2) The files they claim are copyrighted are not. They are in fact, legal ISO backups of software I own. There is no cracked content and I purchased and own all the serial numbers that activates the software.

3) OMG — Degoo is digging through and looking at my files!! This is my private, personal data that I’m backing up to a supposedly secure and safe environment. Degoo has no right to go looking at it, even if it’s as they claim, done so by a “bot.”

4) They claim you can submit an appeal by clicking the button in the email.

When I click the button, I found they changed my password so I couldn’t log in. I know 100% I had the correct password. Not only was it saved in my Google Passwords, but it’s one I’ve committed to memory and manually typed many times before.

But whatever, just more hassle I was able to get around. Clicking on the “Forgot Password?” link I was able reset it to get in. Unfortunately, what welcomed me was this message, “Deadline for submitting appeal has passed.”

How could the deadline be passed when this was my first time getting the notification? This is clearly a fraudulent business practice.

Is Degoo Safe and secure?

Degoo claims there is 256-bit AES encryption for your files. But, what they don’t tell you is that your files aren’t safe from THEM! As said above, they are digging and looking through your data.

But that’s not the only concern when it comes to safety and security.

With the introduction of their web app at where you can browse, view, and download files through a web browser, there is less security. All it takes is someone hacking into your account by guessing your password, or getting into Degoo’s database. Degoo does not offer Two-step verification or twostep authentication, which means you can’t use your mobile device or other secondary method to approve logins. They don’t even send you an email notification when your account is logged into from a new browser or location. This is piss poor protection of your sensitive information and data. Come on Degoo, welcome to the year 2020.

So what is the Degoo Scam?

  1. The bait-and-switch by removal of integral services.
  2. The failure to notify customers of the removal of integral services.
  3. The failure to answer support questions.
  4. The false accusations claiming you have copyrighted files.
  5. The closing of your account due to the false accusations.
  6. The inability to appeal the false accusations.
  7. The intrusion on your privacy and personal files / data.
  8. The failure to secure your files with proper login protection.

Is it a coincidence that exactly 3 years after purchasing this supposed “Lifetime” plan that these issues occurred? I don’t think so. I purchased this account on September, and then this started happening on September. Must have triggered their [time to terminate this lifetime account] protocol. Degoo is clearly using unethical practices to get out of lifetime plans.

How did StackSocial help?

After all, StackSocial / StackCommerce is the one who took my money. But after contacting them, it’s clear they don’t hold their vendors accountable for the offers they make on their website.

When I pushed back, they didn’t offer anything helpful. Just sent a message to Degoo on my behalf. What good does that do? I already sent messages to Degoo which were ignored. This one from StackSocial was ignored, too. Don’t trust StackSocial. If you buy a bad product from them, they simply push you off to the vendor rather than offer a refund or some other type of compensation. I won’t be purchasing from StackSocial again, and I recommend you proceed with caution as well.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at what other people have said about Degoo.

Degoo is currently rated 1.2 Stars on Trustpilot out of 182 reviews.

You might as well light your cash on fire. I had 36 terabytes of lifetime storage, paid for on stacksocial. Degoo, who states your files are secure and inviolate, shut me down because of alleged copyright violation… On files they said they or nobody else would ever see! I wasted hundreds of dollars and a quick look around tells me I’m definitely not alone. It would be smarter to jump out of an aircraft without a parachute than to ever give these blatant thieves your money. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!

Brent Wall

Here’s a review on Better Business Bureau®:

This company has sold lifetime subscriptions to people and to get out of their contract, they falsely flag your files for copyright infringement, and close your account. They are stealing peoples money and lying in the process. Stay away from this company, and their claims of fully safe and encrypted files is a joke… How would they even be able to flag my flies if they are supposed to be encrypted? This means that they are crawling through all of your flies, so I hope no one put sensitive files in their cloud… Your data is not safe…

Jay O

And yet another from Reddit:

Stay away from Degoo. I got a lifetime 10TB (excellent deal at the time). Now they are terminating my membership in the slightest infraction. I literally had 3 videos uploaded that they claimed had copy write issues, and they terminated my account. No discussion, no second chance. nothing.

Posted by innov8iveguy

And if that isn’t enough, check out Tom’s Guide.

… this company is basically doing a bait and switch. We’ll take all your money for a lifetime, but we won’t do lifetime because our bot does a “gotcha” on copyright. Who doesn’t want to backup their memories? Well, if you have a video of you dancing to your fav tune, guess what, the bot finds you guilty of copyright. And who the heck shares stuff out of a storage solution? This is just wrong. This company is run by a bunch of LIARS. Don’t buy this storage backup. They are just interested in your money and not giving you a storage backup.


Still insist on using Degoo?

Then I highly suggest you encrypt all your files using your own methods BEFORE uploading them to Degoo’s server. And don’t be surprised if Degoo pulls a false claim against you to delete your account, which you have no power to overturn. Or removes an integral feature or service or ability that is the reason you paid for an account to begin with. Degoo doesn’t want you to have a lifetime account. They want a chunk of your money, then to shut the account down after a time.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

How about you? Did Degoo screw you over? Post in the comments below. Hopefully we’ll be part of lawsuit settlement against Degoo in the near future. Be sure to keep your lifetime plan receipts!


  1. Thanks for posting! I knew it was too good to be true, but also figured they would face severe legal repercussions if they were not legitimate. If this post were true, Degoo would face numerous penalties under EU consumer law, and privacy laws such as the GDPR. Please advise if you have raised a dispute with EU consumer protections agencies (and if not, why?).


    • I’m in the US, so EU consumer laws don’t apply to my situation, I believe. I’m not really knowledgeable about the legal process. My post is more to warn others to not make the same mistake that I did. I had another “lifetime” cloud plan with Zoolz that got terminated not long after I wrote this article. At this point, if it’s cloud backup and claims to be a lifetime plan, I’m pretty much throwing it out as bogus. Not falling for it a 3rd time.


      • Thanks for the reply James. The GDPR definitely applies to all organizations that operate and store data in the EU, regardless of citizenship. I’m also quite certain that EU consumer law applies to all EU based organizations, again, regardless of citizenship. As Degoo is headquartered in Sweden, I’d suggest emailing the Swedish Consumers’ Association (, linking this post, and querying your rights under the GDPR and Swedish/EU consumer law regarding their cancellation of your consumer contract, as well as scanning of files. They should be able to advise you immediately on whether or not you can take further action, and how you would go about doing that. I’d also suggest possibly amending this post with how to make that complain, so anyone who faces the same issue can do the same.


  2. OMG! I have a FREE Degoo drive and I noticed that the Windows App stopped uploading and syncing my files several years ago. Even though I have a free Degoo account, I watched about a billion ads on my phone in the Degoo Android app and brought my storage space up from 100GB to 750GB. And I too received that Copyright Infringement Bot email that detected a “problem” with some of my files. The problem allegedly had to do with digital content that I PURCHASED legally and backed up to … you got it.. my Degoo Backup Drive.

    But Degoo is not alone in the “Lifetime License Storage Plan”. I purchased a “lifetime license” from for Zoolz Backup for 1TB cold storage and 1TB “vault” storage, which included future updates, sharing, etc. After just ONE year into my “lifetime license” I get an email saying that my account is being downgraded because my “maintenance plan” expired. Since it was only $4.95, I just paid it, thinking that, yes, I had gotten a good deal on the initial plan and that, sure, I’m willing to pay this small fee if it keeps the service working. But now this year, the “maintenance plan” on my “lifetime license” that “includes all updates, sharing, etc” shot up from $4.95 to $17.99 a year. Not only that, but I didn’t even receive a notice or invoice from Zoolz that my maintenance plan had expired–I just saw it when I logged in to my account and then Google “Zoolz maintenance plan cost” and if you go to the following link, they give you some mumbo-jumbo about what the “Premium Support and Maintenance Plan” actually does:,response%2C%20and%20remote%20assistance%20sessions.. Since I can’t afford the $17.95 this year (blame COVID), I can’t share any of my files. Fortunately, I am very anal about saving and documenting everything, and I have just completed a letter to my states Division of Consumer Affairs documenting what was included in my “Lifetime Plan” and what I paid and what I am now being asked to pay. I would have gladly paid another $4.95 for the maintenance again, but as far as the $17.99 a year, that is ridiculous, especially since I can purchase a 2TB Internal Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 with 64MB cache running at 7200RPM for $37 and can even get factory-refurbished drives with warranties for less than that!!

    As bad as Degoo and Zoolz might be, TAKES THE FREAKING CAKE!! I purchased that too from and it it was such a nightmare from start to finish and I complained so much that I finalled disputed the charge with PayPal Credit and got my money back. But if you go to TrustPilot and search for, you will see that they just don’t only have non-existent customer service, but are a true FRAUD in every sense of the word. I (and many others beside me) left scathing reviews of on flagged EVERY “bad” review for “violating TrustPilots terms” and accused every negative review of “not having a genuine buying experience”!! I had to fight with TrustPilot for months to get my review of reinstated, because every time it was reposted, ThunderDrive flagged the review. But I finally sent TrustPilot EVERYTHING I had–credit card statement, emails, receipts, etc. and my review is still there to this day.

    But to add even more salt to the wound, I was just on’s website two days ago and guess what I came across?? Yep, you guessed it. THUNDERDRIVE.IO

    And that is precisely why I will NEVER EVER AGAIN buy ANYTHING from! I used to love trying out new software and I used to love buying gadgets from But from now on, I will stay away from them, and from all those other websites that use the same “store” format as If the author of this article and commenters like me can prevent even just one person from going through the NONSENSE and FRUSTRATION we went through, then it will have been well worth the time it took for us to write down our experiences!!


    • Hey Harold, thanks for sharing your experience. I also did the Zoolz thing on Stack Social only to be burned when they terminated their “lifetime” accounts. Like Degoo, they pulled a bait and switch, terminating what they call “Home” accounts and moving to what they call “Business” accounts. Which is the exact same service, only, it’s their way of saying: “We terminated your lifetime home account, so you need to buy our business one instead.” (Paraphrasing.) At this point, it’s difficult to trust any cloud storage that claims to be lifetime.


  3. I am still waiting for a reply from DEGOO as well. Sadly I, am one of the idiots that used the platform to backup ALL my files. They refuse to grant me access to my account or files and terminated my account after one year exactly after purchase. Not only did I lose my private data but unencrypted raw academic data in a PhD study, for which I am being sued. My legal representative is still struggling to find answers from anybody at DEGOO, not even their head office is responding.


    • Yikes! Sorry to hear that, Sarel. If you purchased your account on StackSocial, I recommend contacting them to see if they can put you into contact with someone at Degoo that will actually return your messages. I was finally able to get through after months of trying (after I wrote this article). And be sure to check your SPAM folder because–for some reason–Degoo messages often end up there. Even when coming from a person rather than a bot.


  4. I Purchased the “Degoo Ultimate Stackcommerce offer 50 TB” at XDA-Developers Depot using my Paypal (Creditcard) account. The upload to Degoo is very slow, upIoads get canceled or stuck at various intervals and there is a daily download limit that is not in there Terms of Use. I have been trying to upload files for weeks now.

    Any advise on the best approach how to get my money back? I found some email addresses online that possibly can be of use to anyone: (CEO), (CTO),,

    Both Stackcommerce and Degoo are Europe based if I’m not mistaken.


    • Contact StackCommerce and try to get a refund with them. Log into your account and submit a contact request online. Select “My Order” as the topic and then enter your Order Number. When they get back to you, keep pushing if they blow you off initially. It takes several back and forth to get anywhere. If they say it’s been too long, then demand they put you into contact with someone at Degoo. That’s what I did. They will contact them on your behalf. It took some time and constant nagging, but eventually, someone at Degoo reached out to me. Check your spam folder constantly. For some reason, direct messages from Degoo went into the junk folder. (Oddly their automated ones didn’t.) Degoo’s company is a mess. Anyone else reading this, avoid them completely if you can!!


  5. STAY AWAY! I had problem to activate my pro acount. Support did not answer my ticket. I have applied for charge back from bank and got my money bank after 3 months of waiting. They are pure scam. Even if you have happily lived with them about first months, be sure that they will invent some problems against their policy and you’ll lose your account! So don’t waste your money with this fraudulent company.


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