Keurig K-Express Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, Black ★★★★☆

I’ve owned several Keurig Coffee Makers over the years, including alternative brands that worked with K-Cups. The last one I had was the Keurig K-Mini. In comparison, I like this Keurig K-Express better.

The main reason is that this model has a reservoir. Instead of pouring in enough water one cup at a time, this holds 42oz. Not only does that save time from frequently having to add water, but it’s less messy. On the K-Mini you must add the water to the maker directly, which can slop over the sides. With the reservoir, you can fully remove it and add water over a sink. Simple and clean.

Another thing I like better than the K-Mini is that it’s faster. The K-Mini took 1.40 minutes to heat the water and 80 seconds to pour. That’s 2.20 minutes total. Whereas this K-Express instantly starts pushing the water out as soon as you click the button, shorting the entire process to 1.30 minutes total. (I used 12oz for an even comparison.) Although, for some reason, the contents don’t come out as frothy. When I used English Breakfast k-cups in the K-Mini, it would leave a tasty frothy bit on the surface. This one doesn’t. Might have something to do with how the water heats up or exits.

I measured the temperature of the water at 160-degrees, which is hot without being scalding. I personally like my beverages between 130 and 140 degrees, so at 160 I give it a few minutes to cool down before drinking. Others can drink it at 160 with no problem.

I was easily able to fit my 7” tumbler (aka Travel Mug). Just need to remove the drip tray to gain extra space. Unlike the K-Mini, you can select from 3 different ounces: 8, 10, and 12. Plus this one has a “strong” setting.

Unfortunately, one thing this K-Express lacks that the K-Mini had is a hideaway compartment for the power cord. That means you may have excess cord laying out between the maker and the wall socket, which looks sloppy. To help tidy up the cord, I kept the twist tie it came with. But it’s not as nice as having a hideaway compartment. With the reservoir at the back, I did find this unit sticks out more on our counter. The width is about the same, but length measures over a foot at around 13-inches.

Thankfully this unit uses the same standard holder that their oldest units have. This is the part the k-cup goes into with the exit needle. What makes this old-but-still-useful holder nice is that (1) you can easily remove it to clean, and (2) you can swap it out depending on what you’re brewing. For instance, I personally don’t like the taste of coffee. I use it for tea and sometimes hot water. To keep my tea or water from tasting like coffee, I simply remove the holder my wife uses and insert my own. This way I get clean tasting water every time with no coffee cross-contamination. While it only comes with one, additional holders are inexpensive and easy to obtain. I personally use ones from my older units that have passed away.

We have hard water which killed several makers (the minerals built up over time and clog it). I strongly recommend running white vinegar through it weekly and using a descaling solution after a few months. The support person at Keurig recommended using filtered and purified water over tap water. Once we switched to purified drinking water purchased at the local grocery store, the life of our makers greatly extended. That said, they all seem to have a limited lifespan. So don’t purchase this expecting to get a handful of years out of it. The warranty is only good for a year. If you’re careful, it may last for two.

So far so good. Both I and my wife are happy with this Keurig K-Express unit and find it to be a worthy upgrade over the K-Mini.

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